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5 Banners of Eddie Redmayne

Link Minds

This movie, sadly, has never been release in cinema,
only on TV but I saw it several time, and I really liked it,
I love the character of Alex, he is so interesting to study,
if you see what I mean and thanks this movie I've discovered Eddie.

Anyway, I watched it this morning and I have decided to make
a few fanart, so here we go for 5 Alex's banners.

    Preview :

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6 Keira Knightley Photoshoots Banners

It has been a really - real - weird weekend...
Anyway - Here we go for Keira lol
I felt in love with these photoshoots,
so I tried to improve myself with fading piccies!

Enjoy - I hope! ^^

Preview :


Captive State

I think I'm kinda productive these days...
Okay nights, I haven't slept last night.... Ooops... !!

Anyway... here I am ... promoting my new stuff ::

After the Carter Appreciation Society on Facebook here we go for the ::

Captive State Appreciation Society on Facebook and for captive_state!



Carter Appreciation Society

Hey everybody!!

I've created a Carter Appreciation Society on Facebook
(yes, I'm bored lol) - so I through that I would let you know
and perhaps invite you to join the group!!
We need to talk more about Carter!!
Oh and while you're on Facebook, don't forget to check "Captive State"

I think I am getting a bit obsessive
with his hands after watching a "few" times
the interview.... !!
I so want to see the whole bonus thing!
I know, I need to be patient... !! :D
Hopefully Internet exist because in case the
season 2 will be perhaps release in France on tv
around Nov/Dec 2008... for the DVDs I don't even
want to think about it !!! lool

Hands... Hands...Hands.... and Hands....! Collapse )
Because she is the BEST on Youtube!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the dedi !! <3

Please comment her and also go read the fic!!
A world record attempt to assemble the largest collection of Robin Hoods
 in Nottingham has been successful.

There's a new official world record for the number of people dressed as Robin Hood in one place at one time.

        Record breakers clad in tights and tunics gathered at Nottingham Castle to pay tribute to the city's most famous outlaw.

More than eleven-hundred-people took part, almost double the previous achievement.

Source:  http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/breaking-news/world/europe/article3498323.ece

Ps: Thanks to all the RH2006.


Robin Hood Nominated - Saturn Award

Just saying ...

Robin Hood has been nominated for Best Internationales Series at the 34th Saturn Award
(Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy & Horror Films)

Doctor Who (Sci Fi Channel)
Torchwood (BBC America)
Meadowlands (aka Cape Wrath) (Showtime)
Jekyll (BBC America)
Life On Mars (BBC America)
Robin Hood (BBC America)


Robin Hood 65 icon 2x12 SPOILERS FINAL !

Hello !

Yep, I am still alive,
if anyone was wondering!! lol
And I am coming back with "gifts"!

Hours after the final of Robin Hood
I've made more than 2 000 screencaps.
I've classified them into 45 files,
and I started to do icons, but at the end
of the day, I had only finished 3 files!
Shame on me, and then I wasn't really
motived to do more, so I stopped doing them.
I know.. I know.. But today, I am again motivate
to finish them all and guess what?
My Photoshop is not working anymore,
and I cannot fix it or figure it out why it isn't
working.. blah, that's pretty much sucks a lot! xD

So here we go for the 65 first icon I've made
months ago, back in December!!

None real spoiler for the final,
but it's from 2x12!

Preview :

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She is not coming back... Get over it!Collapse )



I was just sleepy and bored...
So, I've made this banner with the *die*
new pictures of RA <3

(brushes 77words)

Comment if you want, it will makes me happy,
even if you tell me you don't like them ! lol
Please, DO NOT claim it as your own.
And if you're kind, credit me if you take any of them?
That's all, thank you & enjoy <3

This is my heart...

" Je est un autre"
Arthur Rimbaud.

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